AOS 1 unit 4 journal: Popular TV shows spawn ‘frankenwords’

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Title  Popular TV shows spawn ‘frankenwords’
Date  27 July 2014
Author  Annabel Crabb
Publication  The Age
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  • Commentators are using new terms to allow ellipsis to occur in their sentences.
  • Creating new words by changing the word class of old words through affixation.
  • Having reality television shows means that more slang and non-standard language is being shown on television.
Feature of Language
  • Idioms
  • Shortening
  • Affixation
  • Changing word class
Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to.  Word addition: compounding, commonisation, neologism. 

The use of informal language in promoting linguistic innovation.

The relationship between the context and the features of language in informal texts.

The effects of context on language choices.

My opinion on the Article’s comments.  The use of slang and informal language on Television will grow as the their is an overall descriptivist view held by the public. When TV is live their will also be a greater use of informal language used by commentators as it is more spontaneous and is less rehearsed. In reality TV where untrained average day people star on the television there will also  be greater informality as the language used is spontaneous and reflects the language used everyday by the public. That is why you will often find new words being used by commentators or on reality TV shows where the language use is usually not as tightly restricted.
Quotes  “Some years ago, someone – and I don’t know exactly who – decided that the phrase “win a medal” was too cumbersome and lengthy, and pioneered instead the concept of “medalling””

“But consultation with the Oxford English Dictionary reveals that “gifting” isn’t a horrible modern aberration at all; it’s an ancient one, first recorded in an anonymous 16th-century ballad entitled A Merry Jest Of A Shrewd And Curst Wife Lapped In Morel’s Skin For Her Good Behaviour.”


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