AOS 1 unit 4 journal: 12 things Australian bosses never want to hear

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Title  12 things Australian bosses never want to hear
Date  29 July 2014
Author  Sarah Kimmorley
Publication  Sydney Morning Herald
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  •  The use of Positive language can hugely impact a business’ success.
  • Negative outlooks towards a goal is the most disliked attitude for bosses. This attitude shows that the employee is not confident in their or the team’s abilities to succeed and is not open minded to investigate other avenues to success.
  • Bosses like confidence and initiative to be shown by their employees.
  • The use of the pronoun “you” to refer to the company is disliked and bosses would rather an inclusive pronoun such as “we” so to know the employee feels about of the company.
Feature of Language  Inclusive langauge.

Euphemisms and Dysphemism’s.

Interrogative sentence types.

Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to.
  • The use of formal language in: clarifying, manipulating or obfuscating, establishing expertise
  • The effects of context on language choices
  • The relationship between the context and the features of language
My opinion on the Article’s comments.  Having confidence in your abilities at work is important it reinforces that you belong there and showing a lack of confidence where you are having to question others can show your lack of expertise. It is important though that workers feel confident and safe in their positions so that they able to ask questions when unsure so they can do the job right. Bosses gain confidence when their workers display a positive attitude to their work as such attitude shows them that the tasks they have assigned them will be done properly.
Quotes  “The truth is, you can’t know that it won’t work. Start-ups need people to be thinking “we can” or “it might work”. I would much prefer to hear “let’s test it” or “how can we make this work”.”

” In my experience the people who have said to me “I hope I do this well, I don’t want to disappoint you” have been the people that have walked away mid-project because it got too overwhelming.”

” I would rather hear, “Whilst that might be challenging, here is how I think we should do it!”. That’s a lot more positive and shows a can-do attitude, which is very much at the core of Agent99 PR’s values.”


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