AOS 1 unit 4 journal: Who wins in the name game?

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Title  Who wins in the name game?
Date  2nd August 2014
Author  Cody C. Delistraty
Publication  SBS
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  •  The ability to pronounce someone’s name is related to how close you are with them.
  • Companies with simple and easy to pronounce names have higher investments in them compared to more complex named companies even when there is little known about them.
  • People with easier to pronounce names are more likely to be hired and promoted as they are judged more positively.
  • In fields of work that are dominated by men, females with sexually ambiguous names tend to be more successful.
  • People with white sounding names were more likely to be given a job over an African American name where each candidate is otherwise equal.
Feature of Language  Language’s ability to hold identity. In this case the names of people show their identity possibly in regards to race, culture and socio-economic status etc.The pronunciation of words/names. How accents hold identity and that the pronunciation of easy names for native English speakers can be hard for non native speakers even though the spelling is very simple e.g. “Cody”.
Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to.  Language can represent and display identity. People can presume and make assumptions from your use of language and even through names and written texts.
My opinion on the Article’s comments.  The name you are given does not affect the likely hood of you going to university of if you will have good grades, when these links are made it is not because of your name but because of you background and culture that you have been brought up in. When the article quotes that people in the French Baccalaureate with a name of “Marie”did better than average, it is because it is a name which is common in upper classed families and therefore would have had the backing and support to try and achieve the best education possible. In this regard names can represent identity, showing things such as your race, age and religion. On face value people can make judgements of you from your name but these judgements will quick evaporate and hold little weight once a meeting of the 2 people in question has occurred.
Quotes  “Our brains tend to believe that if something is difficult to understand, it must also be high-risk.”

“A first name can imply race, age, socioeconomic status, and sometimes religion, so it’s an easy—or lazy—way to judge someone’s background, character, and intelligence.”

“In competitive fields that have classically been dominated by men, such as law and engineering, women with sexually ambiguous names tend to be more successful.”


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