AOS 1 unit 4 journal: Melbourne language study reveals a cacophony of diversity

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Title  Melbourne language study reveals a cacophony of diversity
Date  11 July 2014
Author  Craig Butt and Alison Worral
Publication  The Age
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  •  251 languages are spoken in Melbourne.
  • In 6 per cent of suburbs more than half the population speaks languages other than English at the dinner table.
  • Parents of international backgrounds are wanting their children to their mother tongue, so to be able to communicate with family back home and to keep a connection with their background.
  • Languages are concentrated in particular regions for cultural reasons, so they can stick together.
Feature of Language That language can be used to include and then exclude others.
Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to.  The role of language in constructing national identity

Discuss language variation and identity in Australia

My opinion on the Article’s comments. Melbourne’s and Australia diversity will continue to grow as immigration continues. As there continues to be a greater shift of Asian people to Australia, the Asian language and culture will grow in Australia. Language diversity and popularity in Melbourne will grow if cultures are able to grow in the same region, creating their own home away from home through the use of their native tongue. Having areas which are known to be popular in a certain culture such as the Vietnamese culture in Springvale helps the Vietnamese community have a greater sense of identity.
Quotes  “Mrs Nguyen started speaking Vietnamese in the home again after having children because she wanted her kids to be able to speak both English and Vietnamese. “It does keep the connection with the motherland and our roots,” she says. “I think my children will be able to appreciate the multiculturalism in Australia because they are a part of it.””

“He says a widening rich-poor divide and booming house prices could prevent newer migrants from dispersing through the city like earlier generations of Europeans.”

“200,000 more Melburnians are speaking a language other than English at home than a decade ago.”


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