AOS 2 unit 3 journal. Limp language masks a tough budget

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Title  Limp language masks a tough budget
Date  20/4/2014
Author  Neil James
Publication  ABC
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  • The government uses euphemisms to cover up their new taxes.
  • Joe Hocking uses metaphors throughout his budget speech.
  • The use of parallelism in his sentences. E.g. ‘not with an age of austerity, but with an age of opportunity’ ‘… this Budget is not about self-interest. This Budget is about the national interest’.
  • The treasurer uses are appeal to the Australian principle and standards as his main argument. His arguments can then be easily countered with arguments using comparisons and examples.
Feature of Language  Parallelism, figurative language (metaphor). “moving shovels and stopping bucks”
Euphemisms are used by the treasurer to manipulate the listener by trying to soften the blow of the new taxes.
Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to. Syntactical patterning: parallelismeuphemism

lexical choice and semantic patterning in texts: metaphor

The use of formal language in
— reinforcing social distance and authority
— establishing expertise
—manipulating, obfuscating

My opinion on the Article’s comments.  The government has been clever in their use of language to try and cover up their new taxes by using euphemisms. Calling taxes’ a “levy” or a “co-payment” are used to manipulate the listener into believing that the government is not implementing any new taxes. Though there use of language has been quite obvious and has been quickly picked apart so that people are seeing what they doing, for what it really is. The government’s stand on that is has no implemented a new tax, is back firing as people are now thinking differently.
Quotes  “So the Budget instead offers a limp language that contrasts clearly with the tough measures it is actually introducing.”

“when funding for the paid parental leave scheme tax was spun as ‘an investment in human capital’ rather than a ‘new tax’. Now in Budget 2014, we apparently don’t have an increase in income tax: it’s a ‘Temporary Budget Repair Levy’. Among the ‘modest contributions’ we will make are a ‘Fuel Excise Indexation Adjustment’ and a ‘Medicare Co-payment’.”

“A tax is a tax is a tax. These weasel names play down the broken promises that there would be ‘no new taxes’ from a no-surprises, grown-up Government”

“The keyword is ‘contribution’, highlighted at the outset in a riff on ‘if we all contribute now’. This neatly switches the focus from the government’s negative cuts and taxes to the softer sounding ‘modest contributions’ we will all be making.”


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