AOS 2 unit 3 journal. Should you ever correct someone’s mispronunciation?

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Title  Should you ever correct someone’s mispronunciation?
Date  2/5/2014
Author  Seth Stevenson
Publication  Daily Life
Key Ideas (Point Form)
  •  We all have words that are on the edge of our knowledge which we unsure of their pronunciation.
  • Out of the ordinary vocabulary is one of the great pleasures of conversation.
  • If someone else mispronounces a word, a face saving technique is to pronounce the word properly within their earshot.
  • You should not let the person continue on with their mistake but inform so that they don’t continue making the same embarrassment.
Feature of Language  Whether to uphold or put down other people positive face needs.

Broadening our vocabulary.

Pronunciation of words

Aspects of the Course this Article Relates to.  How informal language can be used to meet participants’ positive face needs.
My opinion on the Article’s comments.  People should feel confident enough to use adventurous language which many be at the ends of our lexical knowledge. Using a wider variety of language allows ourselves to better explain and display our emotions and needs. When it comes to mispronunciation of words the friends we are around should notify you of the mistake you have made but it in a more private setting, so to save positive face.
Quotes  “To create an environment that encourages bubble vocab leaps of faith, we must consider our response in the event that someone doesn’t stick the landing.”

“Excessive abashment when our vocab goes wrong is, in my view, counterproductive. It has a chilling effect. We become reluctant to reach for the verbal brass ring the next time an opportunity comes along.”

“One school holds that you must let the error pass unmentioned, but this is, as one co-worker put it, like letting a friend leave lunch with pesto flecks in her teeth.”

“Another tactic: the face-saving technique in which you, as soon as is possible after the mistake has occurred, pronounce the word the correct way within earshot of the offender”


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